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Welcome, here we discuss the Dirty Martini: where it originated, the best Dirty Martini Recipes and much more!

Would You Like That Dirty?

What Is A Dirty Martini

Few cocktails have as much discussion or controversy as the martini.  Shaken or stirred?  Gin or Vodka? Vermouth or none?  Suffice it to say there is probably no right answer but rather a matter of personal taste.

The dirty martini, is a variation of a classic martini and it too has not escaped the discussion.   There are likely many “correct” ways to prepare a dirty martini. But for the purposes of answering the question, what is a dirty martini, the basic definition is:

Gin or Vodka with a small amount of dry vermouth and olive juice (also known as olive brine) mixed and garnished with olives.

The resulting dirty martini is a little cloudy, due to the olive juice and hence the name dirty martini.

Dirty Martini Recipe

Here are some recommendations for olive juice, stuffed olives and cool martini accessories.


The exact history of the martini is murky or bordering on unknown.

Popular theory is that the martini originated sometime in the late 1800’s.

The dirty martini started showing up in US bars much later, sometime after James Bond made the martini famous.

Long before any of this happened, there is evidence that the Russian people used to drink Vodka and pickle brine as a hangover helper or general remedy, much like the Bloody Mary is used today.

Could this be an early  version of the dirty martini?  Quite possible, but the true history may never be known.

Dirty Sue Premium Olive Juice

Saucy Mama Dirty Martini Olive Juice

Toss Martini Olive Brine Drink Mix

Olive brine is the juice that olives are brined in.  Brining  is the process of curing something using salt and water.  

If your with me so far, you should be thinking that olive brine is olive flavored salt water.  And you are correct.

Premium olive brine  is a little more complicated.  The best olives are used, the proper time is allowed for infusion of the olive flavors and the brine is often filtered for purity.

What Is Olive Brine

Dirty Martini History

Olive Juice

The Quintessential Ingredient In Every Dirty Martini

Olive juice, also known as olive brine, is what makes a martini dirty.  

Before getting into what olive juice is, lets hammer home what it is not.  

Proper olive juice is not the juice in a bottle of olives that you picked up from the grocery store,  Using this stuff in your dirty martini is a fast way to ruin a glass of gin or vodka.

Juice from a jar of olives is mostly vinegar and not what a dirty martini calls for.  

Next to the type of vodka or gin, the type of olive juice you put in your dirty martini is very important to an enjoyable drink.

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