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Classic Dirty

Martini Recipe

The Classic Dirty Martini is a gin martini with olive brine. The key variation, the olive brine, is what makes it dirty.  

It is also the ingredient that you should experiment with the most. Some people like it heavier or lighter on the olive brine.  How much you add can also depend heavily on the brand of olive brine you are using. Some are just heavier in flavor than others.  It comes down to a matter of personal preference.

You should also experiment with the vermouth.  Personally, we like a little less than one tablespoon.

The measurements below are a pretty standard and a good starting point for your experimentation.

As you experiment with different brands of olive brine you will begin to notice often sometimes subtle differences.  Sometimes the differences will be not so subtle.

Olive brines differ from brand to brand in many ways but some of the more common differences are:

A good olive brine can turn a good dirty martini into a great dirty martini.

What Is The Difference In Olive Brines?

2 Ounces Of Gin

1 Tablespoon Dry Vermouth

1 Tablespoon Olive Brine

2 Olives


In a mixing glass or shaker (your preference) combine all ingredients except the olives.  Stir or shake for 15 - 30 seconds..  Strain the liquid into a martini glass taking care not to let any ice into the glass.

Garnish with two olives and enjoy!

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