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Martini Recipe

When you are making a dirty martini it is a good idea to start with a dirty martini recipe.  But, keep in mind that individual tastes vary as much as dirty martin recipes.

You should tweak and experiment to find your own dirty martini recipe.  Use different measurements, try new olive brine juices or add something completely off the wall.

Below are a few of our favorite dirty martini recipes.

Classic Dirty Martini Recipe

Dirty Vodka Martini

Extra Dirty Martini

Cheesy Dirty Martini

Down And Dirty Dry Martini

Kick Your Ass Dirty Martini

Hot And Dirty Martini

Dirty Bloody Martini

Salt And Pepper Dirty Martini

Dirty Fish Martini

Shaken Or Stirred?

How To Make A Dirty Martini

Many people think that James Bond started the whole shaken or stirred debate.   In fact with many cocktail recipes it is important that you either shake or stir the mix. This can be for reasons of  wanting a froth or not bruising an ingredient.

In the case of a martini, or dirty martini, does it matter?

The answer is, it depends on your preference.  

Right off the bat lets dispel the myth that shaking and dirty martini bruises the alcohol.  You can not bruise alcohol.

Second lets look at what shaking does.  Compare 30 seconds of shaking against 30 seconds of stirring a dirty martini.  

When you shake you get a colder drink.  You also get more ice crystals and air bubbles giving the drink a cloudy appearance.

When you stir  for the same length of time the dirty martini will be less cold.  It wall also be less cloudy and likely will not contain ice crystals, but more ice will melt, adding more water to the mix..  

So what do we do?  For  a vodka dirty martini we definitely shake.  We like our vodka very cold.

For a gin martini, we often stir and occasionally shake.  For our tastes we do not need the gin as cold but we do enjoy a little added water that stirring our dirty martini brings.

Using Ice vs. Keeping It In The Freezer

To avoid any problem with ice shards or melting cubes in your dirty martini why not just keep your vodka in the freezer, it will not freeze.  Big mistake.

Any bartender or mixologist with half a brain will tell you that an important ingredient  in any dirty martini or other martini is the ice.  

Well not really the ice itself, but the water that melts from the ice when mixing.  A little water helps to soften the alcohol and is key to developing a smooth tasting dirty martini.  

If you store your vodka or gin in the freezer you are severely limiting the amount of ice that well melt when mixing the dirty martini.  This will make for a much harsher alcohol experience.

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