Written by

Lauren Flitcroft


January 31, 2019
"Choosing a group of people allows a collection of experience and brains to come together to work on your business."

Do It Yourself VS Agency Social Media Marketing: A Look Into The Hotel Industry.

A common misconception by many a hotel owner, is that social media is a simple task to complete. Usually, the youngest member of staff finds themselves in charge of keeping the accounts up to date. But this is where many begin to fall short, to expect the youngest member of staff to understand strategy, monitoring, reporting, branding and more is quite an expectation. Not to mention whether you opt to tackle it all yourself or delegate it out, time spent on social media is time your staff member/you aren’t doing the usual tasks required within the hotel operations. However, your other option is to hire an agency to take care of this for you… both options come with pros and cons which we will now take you through.

Hire an Agency:

Agencies are becoming ever more popular in the world of constantly changing digital/social media marketing tools. Choosing a group of people allows a collection of experience and brains to come together to work on your business. The key when choosing an agency is to choose one that suits you, with many larger marketing agencies around, you may find a disconnect and more than often find yourself talking to a different staff member every time you call. Opting for a smaller agency allows you to build a connection and understanding with the whole team and overcome the agency risk of them not getting what you’re about. Keeping the agency up to date with the latest news from your hotel is key for success and the key benefit from hiring an agency, is that it allows you to focus on running the hotel whilst all your social media marketing is taken care of.

Do It Yourself:

If you opt for this solution you need to be prepared, understanding how social media marketing works is the key. Not treating your social accounts like a traditional form of marketing and being ready to compete against a world of constantly posting accounts. Whilst you may think it faster to do it yourself, without having to communicate through an agency, you can often miss tricks and tactics to have maximum impact. As previously mentioned, it also takes up time and distracts you from other tasks. It can be more cost-effective to hire an agency who are often cheaper than hiring a member of staff specifically to take care of your social media accounts.

Whichever option you go for, it must be remembered that a clear plan for your social media marketing is made. Communicating with and engaging your audience in the attempt to convert them into customers is the priority, however you choose to do this.

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