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Luke Whitaker & Lauren Flitcroft


December 18, 2020
In the spirit of Christmas we are bringing some good news, we have put together this article to highlight just some of the results achieved for a handful of our clients.

Our 2020 Review

The buzzword of the year truly is ‘unprecedented’, we really don’t know how else to describe this year. When everything seemed so bleak back in March, we did not expect to be in the position to be here writing about so many wins that we’ve had with our clients. Adjusting our strategies for each client, to ensure that a reactive and effective plan was in place ready to tackle what would become a year of changing announcements and shifting needs and interests from consumers.

In the spirit of Christmas we are bringing some good news, we have put together this article to highlight just some of the results achieved for a handful of our clients.

Case Studies

Harry’s Restaurant

After an amazing start to the year scooping Silver for Best Restaurant in the South West Tourism Awards, Harry’s Restaurant have spent the remainder of the year pushing forward and impressively adapting to lockdowns, restrictions and tiers. Just one day after the UK lockdown was announced, we assisted Harry’s in setting up their takeaway service, ‘Harry’s at Home’, helped with the planning of a safe interior for the return of customers and managed vital communications to their audiences across website, email and social media channels.

Despite such a hard hit for the hospitality industry, the bounce-back for Harry’s has been astonishing. With their bounce rate almost halving, an increase of 30% in Instagram followers and their ‘Harry’s at Home’ page alone receiving over 6,000 views, we are feeling pretty confident that this family run-gem will be standing firmly and proudly for many years to come!


Final figures…

  • 49.5% bounce rate decrease
  • 36.4 session duration increase
  • 30% Instagram follower increase 

Kirk Hills Chartered Accountants

Like all industries, we were ready for Kirk Hills to take a massive hit on their website traffic this year and we had to think fast to think of ways to keep eyes on Kirk Hills’ website. Our planning was benefited by the economic announcements given throughout the year, with businesses interested in the latest schemes and updates, we worked to turn Kirk Hills into a portal of business knowledge. 

After running through the plan with Kirk Hills, we shifted their whole marketing strategy to a reactive one. To keep up to date with the ever-changing announcements from the government. We then created informative and factual articles that were promoted primarily through email marketing, with the help of some Linkedin posts.

The results?

  • 35% traffic increase.
  • 63% session increase.
  • New client sign-ups throughout lockdown.

Exeter Advanced Dentistry

Wow-what a year for our dental client, after being ordered to close their doors when the Lockdown was initially announced, 2020 seemed bleak for Exeter Advanced Dentistry. However, new guidance meant that the doors could reopen after some time. Yet a whole host of new measures had to be put in place to ensure the protection of both patients and staff.

These measures and opening dates were communicated through digital booklets, email marketing and social media. We also ensured that all information was clearly displayed on the website with a pop-up opening with the latest information.

All of this resulted in…

  • Website traffic being maintained.
  • 26 brand new keywords ranking on Google.
  • Engagement on the website increased.

Some extra tasty good news

Anyone that knows us knows that we have a love for all things food, so we were thrilled when we were approached by Tom who wanted to kick-start his new foodie venture in Exeter, ‘Easy Eats’, a brand new takeaway and delivery service. These guys are upping the food delivery game with their locally sourced, delicious home-cooked food, friendly nature and specially modified vans with built-in ovens and chillers onboard.

Since our initial introduction meeting with Tom back in October, our graphic gurus have built the Easy Eats brand from the ground up, designing signage, menus, leaflets, branded clothing, stamps, stickers, greaseproof paper and a whole bank of eye-catching graphics for social advertising. From here, our marvellous marketers have worked closely with the team in pushing the brand forward to market with photoshoots, press releases, influencers, competitions and a huge plug on social media, leading to many busy evenings in the Easy Eats kitchen! We look forward to working with Tom and team in the New Year in really establishing Easy Eats as a go-to in the Exeter foodie scene. Watch this space!

What we have learnt:

The best strategies are the ones that can be dropped and reinvented in a second, with minimal disruption to marketing activities and finances.

What people need in times of uncertainty are facts, honesty and a human speaking to them.

In times like 2020 thinking about how you want your brand to be remembered during a struggle should inform your decision making and lead all of your marketing.

Some of our new websites:

Our web developers have been working hard this year as well, creating some leading Shopify and WordPress websites that have helped many of our clients ensure that they have the perfect online presence to continue attracting new customers. Check out some of our favourites from this year below:


Beyond Legal


Here comes 2021:

Changes are certain and our team are stronger and wiser than ever, with clients that trust us, we are ready to battle the exciting year ahead. Whilst the road is expected to be a rocky one, we are ready to market our clients to the top of screens.

If you would like to join us on this journey, allowing us to take on your marketing services please click here to get in touch with us.

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