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10 Ways to Support Your Local Restaurants and Businesses - Dirty Martini Marketing

10 Ways to Support Your Local Restaurants and Businesses

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A rare pic of me at a place I love to visit – Harry’s Restaurant – sat alongside fellow foodies; Harry Wild, Nick Hook, Lauren Heath from Dining Devon, Steve Heath, Tara Smith and Steve Kitch. Especially in times like these, it makes you remember certain events with true fondness – you can probably tell from the smiles that we all had a great time.

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Harry’s is a true family-run independent. They look after their customers, are consistent with their product & service and make the most of amazing local suppliers too. No wonder they’ve just celebrated 27 years in business!

Good luck to everyone reopening their doors again today!

It’s no surprise that restaurants are in trouble right now – If you don’t want to see your favourite place disappear – use it or lose it. They need your support more than ever before. You don’t have to visit or splash the cash to help – there are plenty of other ways too…

1️⃣ Follow their social

The more people they can reach right now, the better chance they have of surviving.

2️⃣ Buy gift vouchers

Most will now be available online – ideal Christmas gifts or for yourself, if you know you’ll be visiting soon anyway!

3️⃣ Shop local

Lots of restaurants now sell produce direct from their local suppliers – not only are you helping the restaurant, but the farmers, fishermen, and producers close to them.

4️⃣ Try their “at home” boxes

Many restaurants had to reinvent the way they reach their guests – food to cook at home is now available from many.

5️⃣ Takeaway

If you can’t make it down to your neighbourhood favourite, order a takeaway from them instead.

6️⃣ Book a table!

Go with your household, splash the cash and enjoy a well-deserved treat.

7️⃣ Leave a review

You’ve seen the new Google advert?! Leave a glowing review for them – it takes less than a minute! Do it on @google or @tripadvisor or @facebook or all three!

8️⃣ Buy merch

Cookbooks to tote bags to hot sauce to T-shirts – it all helps. And it’s usually pretty cool stuff too. Give as gifts or treat yourself – you still need to shop, eat & wear clothes!

9️⃣ Support the indiesS

These guys don’t have the benefit of big backers & investors with deep pockets. There’s a family behind most independents who do a little happy dance when you choose to eat with them.

🔟 Share their social

Simply share their last update with your friends. They might want to visit too!

If you don’t want to see your favourite place disappear - use it or lose it.

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